PhD-Student*innen oder Post-Doc Fellows gesucht

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Dear colleagues,

for our project STEP, we want to hire PhD students or Post-Doc Fellows. If you know any candidates, I would be very happy if you could forward this message.

STEP is an entrepreneurship training for youths and young adults. STEP develops young people’s skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue an entrepreneurial career. In the training, the students learn step-by-step to start their own businesses. This provides them with an effective means of creating jobs for themselves and other people in the community. More than 3,000 students in various countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America have participated in STEP since the first training in 2009. Evaluation studies have shown that STEP boosts the start-up rate by 34% and increases the number of new jobs by 35%.

The new projects involve the implementation of STEP in:
-       Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania
-       Liberia and Sierra Leona
-       Lebanon
-       Nigeria

We have two projects, which are funded by DAAD and BMBF, respectively.
Further information about the STEP project or see the papers attached.

In the STEP project, there is the opportunity to conduct research on entrepreneurship training and transfer / maintenance of training effects. Papers based on STEP have been published in AMLE, JBV, and CDPS, among others. So, there is ample opportunity to conduct meaningful research as a PhD student or post-doctoral fellow.

Thanks & Best regards,

P r o f.   D r.   M i c h a e l   M.   G i e l n i k
Leuphana University of Lüneburg
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